Heavy Words stories from the cervix
I found the exhibition to be poignant and revealing, both honest and uplifting in examining women's experience of cervical cancer. Despite the daunting subject matter, I left feeling a sense of reparation and admiration for the women who participated in creating it. I hope it will be viewed by as many people as possible.
Dr Havi Hannah Carel
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at University of the West of England
A number of years ago, while developing an exhibition about genetic disorders, I found myself in a cytology department looking through a microscope at cervical cancer cells. I was struck by the beauty of the image and the contradiction between this and the reality of the disease. This moment was the starting point for Heavy Words.
In the UK approximately 3,000 cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed each year and around 1,000 women die from the disease. Despite the publicity surrounding Jade Goody’s death, for many women the illness is still shrouded in mystery and misunderstanding.
With the support of Southmead Cytology Department in Bristol, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and women who use their on-line support nationally I gradually built a body of work that explores the cancer both from a highly personal as well as clinical point of view. The intimate exhibition weaves a visually stunning narrative that draws on medical imagery, personal stories and everyday experiences of living with a potentially life-threatening disease.
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