The Ashton Gate Documentors (AGDs) project at Ashton Gate Primary School
The AGDs (Ashton Gate Documentors) are a group of children aged 8 - 11 years who use sketchbooks, photography, writing, interviews and lots of imagination as a way of observing the world around them. In their own words:
“Our job is to improve lesson time and make our school a more friendly and colourful place. When you're a documentor you need an open mind and lots of enthusiasm! In our documenting we note down what we see, feel and hear. We also use drawing to explain our work visually. You don’t have to spell things correctly, just do what you understand and feel free to do whatever you like.”
The project grew out of a Creative Partnerships funded piece of work but for the past three years has been supported exclusively through school funds.
An important element of the project is to make work visible and share it across the school community – with children, staff and parents. We were recently commissioned to make a short film for Playing Out about young people's attitudes to playing outdoors. Watch can watch the film here: Bounce, Skate, Play.
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