The NGDs (New Generation Documentors)
Documentation is about children and young people being listened to - being given a voice. It's about seeing their view of the world and the things in it that affect them. It's about giving them an opportunity to suggest and influence change. It's about expressing themselves in the way that suits them best. It's about being creative, being excited by learning - and having fun!
This work began 8 years ago with colleague Sandra Barefoot using documentation as a means of consulting with children, enabling them to gain insight into their own learning. Working with whole classes, individual teachers, but particularly with a core group of children - the NGDs (New Generation Documentors) we have focused on learning taking place in school and the community.
Children have acquired new expertise in digital photography, the creative use of notebooks, interviewing and a range of presentation skills. By observing and recording activities their understanding of both their own and their peers’ learning has grown. Participation in the programme has increased their confidence and self-esteem as learners, and developed a culture of peer support
"Documenting lets me explore the world." NGD member
"If he has to do homework from school it's without excitement, but with documenting he's inspired and excited. He comes home and starts doing it straight away." Parent
The NGDs now exist as an independent organisation made up of adults and young people. This fluid collective explores how young people can be at the centre of influencing change around participation, learning and engagement in schools, public spaces and the community. Over the past few years we have undertaken commissions for Sustrans National Cycle Network, Bath Theatre Royal, Picked Image Theatre Company, Arnolfini and Creative Partnerships.
Two short films are available on DVD – ‘I am a Documentor’ aimed specifically at children and young people (view an extract in Windows Media format 8.4Mb or Quicktime format 9.1Mb), and ‘A Child’s Eye’ for teachers and educationalists looking at the benefits of using documentation inside and outside the classroom.
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